RESEARCH (2002-2006)

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Current Projects


Magnetic drive of a medical micro robot in abdominal cavity

We have developed a new type of medical micro robot keeping in the abdominal cavity driven by magnetic force. The motion of the robot, move environment and the photography with the camera has been investigated by in vivo experiment using simple prototype model. The friction force between the abdominal wall and organs has been measured. We have succeeded to drive the prototype model by simple magnetic field control. This study could be applicable to the micro internal robot as one of the useful medical tools.

(This research was (partially) supported by the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture, Grant-in-Aid for Cooperation of Innovative Technology and Advanced Research in Evolution Area project in the South Biwako Area, 2004 - 2006.)


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Recording System of Surgical Operation by Image Processing

This research aims at construction of the system which identifies and records surgical operation by carrying out the image processing of the video image. This paper presents the marking patterns on a surgical glove and the calculation of a motion and position of a hand, and the grip by image processing




Micro miniature forceps for catheter produced by Metal Injection Molding

We have designed micro forceps thatfs compose of four parts, those are two holding parts (width 0.5mm), an exterior pipe (diameter 1.0mm), and spring (line diameter 0.05mm). Then we have developed the prototype of it by Metal Injection Molding technology.




New magnetic rotational drive by use of magnetic particles

We have proposed a driving principle and developed the verification models and the generator of magnetic field. It became clear that our proposed driving principle results from collision of the magnetic particles to the outer cover, deformation of the whole form of magnetic particles and movement of the center of gravity. We have succeeded to drive a rolling model by simple magnetic field control.


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Development of Biomimetic Actuator using Polymer Gel

We have developed a Biomimetic Actuator using Polymer Gel for wearable power assisted equipments. As a result, We have realized Actin-Myosin Mechanism by use of friction drive.


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Pneumatic Micro Hand and Miniaturized Parallel Link Robot for Micro Manipulation Robot System

All PDMS micro hand is fabricated with the developed manufacturing process and its related working principle are discussed.  The guide robot is developed which has several design specifications such as multi degrees of freedom joint as a human, small size, highly accurate directional control and water/ sterilization proof. Micro Manipulation Robot System is developed by assembling the micro finger with two or three degree of freedom, the guide robot and VR interface device. The hybrid motion and the manipulation of a single egg of fish and a hair in macro world is successfully realized. The micro hand of this study could be applicable to the micro surgical treatment as one of the useful medical tools.

(A part of this work was supported by the "Prototype Robot Projects (EXPO 2005 Aichi JAPAN)" of New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization of Japan.)




Development of Laparoscopic Surgical Forceps
with high rigid bending joint


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Past Projects


Stroller with Support Mechanism to Negotiate Stairs



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High Performance Sensors for Daily Watching Elderly People




Man – Machine Interface,  Bio-measurement




Researches (1994 - 2002)

Past Projects (Ikuta Lab., Nagoya Univ.)


Hyper Redundant Active Endoscope with Minimum Invasive Surgery'

Newly advanced active endoscope named "Hyper Endoscope" with hyper redundant degrees of freedom for future minimally invasive surgery in the abdominal cavity is developed. The first prototype of Hyper Endoscope equipped with several "Active Universal Joints" driven by miniature cybernetic actuators is constructed and controlled successfully. In order to achieve force sensational control of hyper endoscope, a micro master slave control system with force feedback is verified by introducing ``dither" technique. This system is very useful for remote surgery as well as laparoscopic surgery.


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Minimum Wire Drive of Multi Micro Actuators

We have already proposed new concept of active endoscope with hyper redundancy. This medical tool named "Hyper Endoscope" for minimal invasive surgery is driven by miniature cybernetic actuators. Dynamical model of the cybernetic actuator taking into account of Piezoelectric effect is proposed and detail performance is analyzed. Based on this result, new technique to minimize the number of lead wires is proposed and verified experimentally.


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Risk Assessment of Design and Control for Human-Care Robots

The general evaluation method of various kinds of safety strategies for rehabilitation and human-care robots is first proposed in the world. The impact force and impact stress are chosen as safety evaluation values to quantify safety. The dangerous index and safety index are defined to make quantitative evaluation of the effectiveness for each safety strategy. Moreover, this method enables us to know the contribution of each safety strategy to the overall safety performance of rehabilitation robot. As a result, design and control optimization of the safety robot is discussed successfully.


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