The Aim of COS: Annual Report for 1875

The aim of the Society is to improve the condition of the poor, upon the following definite principles:

  1. Systematic co-operation with Poor Law authorities, charitable agencies, and individuals.
  2. Careful investigation of applicants for charitable aid, by competent officers, each case being duly considered, after inquiry, by a Committee of experienced volunteers, including representatives of the principal local charities and religious denominations.
  3. Judicious and effectual assistance in all deserving cases, either through the aid of existing agencies, or, failing these, from the funds of the Society; those cases that cannnot be properly dealt with by charity being left to the Guardians.
  4. The promotion of habits of providence and self-reliance, and of those social and sanitary principles, the observance of which is essentaial to the well-being of the poor and of the comminity at large.
  5. The repression of mendicity and imposture, and the correction of the maladministration of charity.

It is desirable that it should be distinctly understood that it is the chief aim of the Society to deal with the caises of pauperism rather than with its effects, and permanently to elevate the condition of the poor by the application of the above principles, combined with pecuniary or other material assistance.

M 25-26