Barnett, Practicable Socialism:

[Barnett had strongly supported the policy of eliminating outdoor relief in Whitechapel. The policy had succeeded, but poverty (if not peuperism) remained: the labourer and his family living on twenty shilling a week.]

In the labourer's future there is only the grave and the workhouse. He hardly dares to think at all, for the thought suggests that womorrow a change in trade or a master's whim may throw him out og work, and leave him unable to pay for rent or for food. The labourers have few thoughts of joy and little hope of rest; it is well for them, if in a day they can obtain ten hours of the dreariest labour, if they can return to a weatherproof room, if they can eat a meal in silence while the children sleep around, and then turn into bed to save light and coal ...

[M 117-118]