Hawksley, The Charities of London:

Read for the association in the room of the Society of Arts on 17th December. Full title is "The Charities of London, and some Errors of their Administration, with Suggestions for an Improved System of Private and Official Charitable Relief". A scheme for the organisation of all charities, and their administration by the help of district offices included. The district offices were to be in communication with each other and subject to a central office which would act not only for purposes of general control, but also for the general audit of charity account, and for the inspection of annual report. Following upon this paper the prospectus of co-operation between all existing agencies tales the first place in the list of the society's objects. It is followed by education, industrial training, registration, employment of the able-bodied, and temperance reform, but the association no longer aims at undertaking thsese itself. It will work "not by doing other people's work for them, but by bringing Government, societies and individuals to do their share of the required work at the right time and in the right way" [SW: 21-22].

[...] He wanted all charities to agree to receive applications for help only through a single office of registration or inquiry in each parish or district, under the supervision of a central office and the powers of audit. The scheme was to be financed by a tax of 1 per cent. on the income of the London charities [M 16].