Report on Personal Visitation (1877):

There are two important conditions esential to the healthy and profitable carrying on such visitation: 1. That poor persons shall not be visited unless on some definite errand, or unless acquaintance has been previously made with them; or, lastly, unless there is some special reason for believing that the visit will be acceptable. There are, perhaps, few things that would tend more directly to the development of a healthy tone in the relations between all classes than for it to be recognised that well-to-do strangers should no more knock at the door of a working man without some distinct object or introduction than they should at the door of one in their own rank of life. 2. The second condition of sound visitation is that relief shall not be directly connected with it unless under very exceptional circumstances. The whole intercourse will be spoilt if the question of giving and receiving be suffered to intrude into it [SW 56].