C.B.P.Bosanquet, London, its Growth, Charitable Agencies and Wants:

"Surely some attempt at permanent combination, or concerted action, amongst colunteers, will be made ere long...It is essenttial that in any such attempt the work of existing agencies should be as little interfered with as possiblem and that any new organisation should confine itself to supplementing these, and bringing them into communication. The arrangement and execution of such a scheme will require much thought and practical ability. I leave it to better hands than mine; only adding that if competent leaders can be formed, I am confident that followers will be forthcoming".[SW 58]

[...] He [C.B.P.Bosanquet] was by profession a barrister, a member of a landed family of Huguenot descent whose seat was at Rock, near Alnwick, Northumberland. He had given much of his time to friendly visiting, and in 1868 published London: some account of its Growth, Charitable Agencies, and Wants. It contained chapters dealing with modern London and its 'Sunken Sixth', religious agencies and charitable societies, the working classes, sanitary legislation, the dwellings of the poor, overcrowding, model housing, the Poor Law, the parochial system; it described Dr.Chalmers' work in Glasgow and the Elberfeld system, and poor relief in Paris and New York---examples frequently cited by the C.O.S. subsequently; and it recounted some of the author's personal experiences in district visiting in the chapter of 'SUggestions to Laymen'. [M 12]