Report on Finace and Organisation:

By Administrative Committee; "the Committees of the Society [...] are [...] scarecely more than Investigation and Relief Society". "At present the case-work absorbs the Committees [...] The Committee itself is [...] not so organised as to leave any of its powers free for organisation" [SW 69].
The remedy proposed: "the appointment of five paid officers, men or women, to be attached for a time to District Committees, and to give up their whole time to perfecting the local work and organising charity" [SW 70].
The report was received at Council with much angry remonstrance from members of those Committees which had been most severly criticised [ibid].
A society without relief fund of its own could not have carried on the large amount of successful case work without the co-operation of many external agencies, and to the extent in which these were co-operating they were also "organised".