C.S.Loch, The development of Charity Organisation ("rebirth of our society"):

Read before the Council. "Society had always had a large general policy [...] only by developing this general policy could it hope to attract the interest and co-operation of the younger generation". His objects of reform: the enforcement of sanitary laws as to overcrowding; the adoption of systematic physical education both for boys and girls; the promotion of the system of apprenticeship; the adoption of some plan, in connection with hospitals and schools and local nueses and visitors, for giving advice and instruction in the rearing an upbringing of children; and the systematic advocacy of better economic methods of remunerating industry, on the lines of labour partnership or co-operation [SW 88-89].
"...it has largely the increase in 'municipal' and State relief which, though contrary to the policy of the Society, has involved an immense strain upon its source and workers" [SW 90].