Criticism against COS:

"[...] it is strange that a society which packs its meetings, gags, the Press and in every way shrinks from investigation itself, should be so ready to apply the torture of unnecessary investigation to others.[...] Old sores are ubbed up against him, old wounds laid bare until they bleed afresh and the agonised victim is glad to make his escape from the torture chamber which he was induced to enter by mocking superscription 'charity'. Anything more un-English in spirit and sentiment than this human vivisection it is impossible to imagine..."[New Age; SW 137].
"calm scientific demonstration" in English Opinion: "The reason of the existence of this society consists in the fact that it acts as abuffer to stand between the rich and the poor. Suppose a man with an income of 1000 pounds wished to give as little as he can for charitable purpose, instead of devoting 'a tenth' of his surplus, the Charity Organisation says to him, 'Give us 10 pounds, and we will find you with an excuse for not giving any more, so you will keep a ckera conscience and pocket 90 pounds".