The physically and mentally defective:

Special Committee: "to consider and report upon the public and charitable provision made for the care and training of feeble-minded, epileptic, deformed and crippled persons". "The understanding ... of the feeble-minded, had made considerable advance ... and the existence of a class of a class not imbecile nor capable of being dealt with under the Ideiots Act, yet gently in need of special care, was becoming generally recognised" [SW 197].
The suggested plan: "to deplete the workhouse of all cases of feebl-mindedness, and provide for them in homes of two kinds---one kind of school and training-home, ...aonother a home, which would be a permanent place of abode". "But compulsory detension is so much a matter of experience that summing up as we have done, we may, nevertheless, leave it an open question, upon which experience may decide" [SW 199].