Assistance of Children:

[March] A discussion at the Counsil: "... the payment of school fees out of the rate is calculated to promote imposition, to offer a premium on paretal neglect, and consequently to extend the pauper classes, inasmuch as neither School Board, Local Comittees, nor Guardians of the Poor, can hope to establish machinery by which such payment may be equitably adjusted to the different and continually shifting condition of the poor"[Dr. Stallard, SW 230-231]. On the whole, the Council were in favour of utilising Denison's Act, and not of paying fees out of the Education rate.
School Board asked COS for assistance: their machinery was not well adapted to test distress; and when it had found distress it could not deal with it effectually ... though it could pay fees, it could not give clothes nor compensate parents for the loss of children's labour [SW 232]. Then a recommendation to the DC to investigate cases of poverty referred to them by the Divisional Committees of the School Board [Trevelyan's motion]. But some of DCs were unwilling to give any assistance.