A great feature of the past year's social work in London has been that of the growth of Children's Care Committees, which aim at ensuring the future well-being of every child in the elementary schools of London. The Care Committee themselves, in connection with medical inspection, surprise the health of the child during its school years, and hand on the child to the Skilled Employment and Juvenile Advisory Committees or other suitable agencies when it leaves school. It is not too much to say that the fact of this work having been carried on with a considerable amount of success, is largely owing to the teaching which may members of the Care Committees have received in the Charity Organisation Office. The Juvenile Advisory Committee ... has been recently established for this district, and the Charity Organisation Committee is represented on it. This Committee works in co-operation with the Apprenticeship and Slilled Employment Committee, of which a member of the Charity Organisation Society is Vice-Chairman. These two Committees have also a working agreement by which each takes the children of the class it can best deal with.

[SW 261-262]