Co-operation with the Guardians:

It was long recognised by un that our co-operation with the Board of Guardians was far from saisfactory. ... With a view to bringing about the desired co-operation a small onformal conference was held early in the year with some of the members of the Board. As a result the Board adopted the following resolution:
'That each Relief Committee be instructed to refer to the Society applicants of good character who in their opinion could be started in work or chould be taught work by which they could earn a livlihood'. The Board also appointed delegates to attend our Committee meetings, of whom one was already, and two others afterwards became mambers. All have rendered us valuable assistance ... Since the new arrangement several cases have been referred to us by the Guardinas, of which we give some examples.

A widow, aged 36, nealy blind. We had her taught automatic knitting and provided her with a machine. She managed to ean a little, but not enough to support her. Her general health, however, is bery bad, and we are sending her into the country in the hope that on her return she will be strong enough to support herself.

A man whose wife was unfit to have the care of her children was helped to find a suitable country home for them, where they now are, he of course bearing all the expense of their maintenance.

A blind man, whose training at a blind institution had been paid for by the Borad, was supplied with the necessary tools to enable him to earn a living.

Three young girls, inmates of the Infirmary, were placed in situations and supplied with the necessary outfits.

An old woman, unable to work, ... was rederred to us by one of the Guardians, who thought her case more suitable for charity than for the Poor Law. ... A pension of 8s. was decided upon, towards which the clergy, a brother-in-law, and some of her old employers are contributing.

twenty-four families have been referred to the Committee and were assisted to independence--- all of whom without such help must have been supported by the rate-payers and become hopeless paupers.