Tower hamlets Pension Committee formed by COS and Poor Law workers in London: its object was "to provide Pensions so far as its funds permit, for those poor persons who seem by their character and circumstances to be worthy of assistance outside the workhouse"[SW 283]. "recipients must have attained their fortieth birthday on the 1st January 1872". "it is not the purpose of the Committee to create a permanent Charity, upon which the younger members of the working classes can depend". By 1881 the number of pensions granted was 119. The type of case:
"J.W.---Man and wife, 68 and 66. The husband was a carpenter. His earnings were formerly 30s., but had been gradually reduced to 4s. or 5s. Both he and his wife were very feeble. They had had three children, but none were living. They supported an orphan boy for many years. The husband had saved 40 pounds, spent partly to support his mother, partly on his own illness, He belonged to a Club of which he was Secretary" [284].