"...the system of the Society has now been sufficiently matured to enable it to undertake deserving chronic cases, leaving the undeserving to be dealt with by the Poor Law---the necessary means being obtained: 1st, From the co-operation of charitable persons who are willing to become responsible for deserving chronic cases which have been investigated by District Committees; 2nd, From funds specially contributed to meet such cases; and 3rd, From ancient endowments applicable to such persons" [SW 284-285]. For example, St Geroge's expended during the preceeding year over 1000 pounds on chronic cases.

DC of St.George's Hanober Square: Report
[... too many deserving cases were being written off as ineligible because the Committee lacked the resources to help them:]
When the Society first came into existence it was calculated that the charitable funds of London were sufficient to maintain every eight person in comfort. Theory, however, in this instance, as in many more, has to yield to fact; and your Committee find that, until the stream of charity can be conducted into truer channels, the stubborn fact meets them that the proper local agency or private person cannot ta a moment's notice be founf to meet the pressing emergency. [Adequate Relief, Charity Organisation Reporter, 31 January 1878, p.21; L 55]