After Old Age Pension Act of 1908:

All pensionerover seventy years of age have been advised to apply for the Government pension, and told that the continuation of theoamount they have received from us is uncertain. Indeed, a few subscribers have already announced their intention to stop the help which they have been giving. It is not unnatural, under the circumstances, that this process should set in. But the fact ought to be realised that the 5s. allowed by the Government is quite an inadequae sum to live upon. Our own standard, which we consider the reasonabke minimum is 5s. above rent for one person and 8s. for two, with whatever is necessary in the way of clothing and medical assistance. We cannot be satisfied that any aged persons for whom we have assumed any responsibility should suffer because they hace a right to 5s. a week. We have consequently decided to maintain the income of our pensioners at their present level, and also that we will continue to take up new cases, provided the applicants come up to the standard personal character, including the evidence of having made efforts to provide for old age. It is even possible that the 5s. pension may kead a considerably increased number of application. [Annual Report, 1907-1908].

[SW 299-300]