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Research topics

Shape modeling and solid mechanics

Three-dimensional solid analysis of actual objects is performed using the shape modeling technique in computer graphics and the meshfree method. The combination of the shape modeling and the meshfree analysis enables computation without mesh structure of solids.

Fast surface rendering using GPUs

Direct rendering of smooth surfaces defined using implicit representation are performed using GPUs. The field defining a surface consists of a grid of polynomials which contribute to efficient parallel computation on the GPUs.

Acceleration of meshfree analysis using GPUs

A parallel algorithm of the meshfree method for solving boundary value problems is developed and implemented on a GPU. The meshfree computation is effectively parallelized by applying the idea of adaptive subdivison to the problem domain.

Inverse problems for identifying electrical inclusions

A technique for the detection electrical inclusions in a body using boundary measurement, called electrical impedance tomography, is developed. Our approach enables detection of inclusions using voltage-current measurements performed on a local area of the boundary.

Three-dimensional urban models based on historical GIS

A scheme for creating large-scale urban three-dimensional models based on historical GIS data is developed. The models are generated as a set of automatically located simple houses and indivisually produced buildings. Our test shows that the historical city of Kyoto can be appropriately reconstructed by the approach.