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 The Faculty of Law traces its roots back almost 100 years to theShiritsu Kyoto Hosei Gakko (Kyoto Private School of Law and Politics), the educational institution that was later transformed into Ritsumeikan University. During the intervening years, we have continued to uphold the institution's founding spirit of freedom and freshness while maintaining the Ritsumeikan educational philosophy of peace and democracy in both our research and our educational pursuits. We take pride in the traditions evident in the prewar journal Ho to Keizai (Law and Economy), published from 1934 to 1941, and in the studies of law and politics that have been maintained by a long line of postwar scholars-- starting with the late University President Suekawa Hiroshi-- devoted to the principles of peace, democracy and human rights. It is our goal to continue this tradition. The Ritsumeikan University Faculty of Law Home Page is scheduled to provide reports on the contents of such publications as Ritsumeikan Hogaku and the Ritsumeikan Law Review, as well as a wide range of activities, including international exchange programs and lectures, classroom activities, and plans for new research and educational activities, and we hope to keep them as up-to-minute as possible. We also plan to introduce our audience to some of the pioneering efforts and projects of the educators who helped forge our first century of achievement. We therefore hope that you will not make this visit to our Home Page your last. With your feedback and support, we hope to make our "Home" a place you'll want to visit again and again. Thanks again for your patronage.

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