Serial Number 578      

  Michimasa Yoshimoto: A Reconsideration of the Guoren 國人
in the Spring and Autumn Period
  Yusuke Hatano: The Self Awareness of the Matsumae Clan in the Unification
Period -Focusing on the Words “Matçmai não era Japão.”
  Machibure Kenkyukai: Documents of Kamigamo-Jinja-Shrine(上賀茂神社)  
  Masaaki Takechi: Note on Understanding of Beauty Spots
and Historic Spots
  Takao Sugihashi, Masatsugu Hongo, Yuko Yamazaki:
The Iwakura Mission and Formation of the Nation-State

  Kazu Nagai: Yanagita Kunio’s Resignation from the Secretary General
of the House of Lords
  Ken’ichi Yano: The Appearance of Oshigatamon Pottery (pottery decorated
with stamped design) in Northern Kyusyu District
― a study of the pottery at Taisyaku-Kobodaki Cave in Hiroshima prefecture
  Seigo Wada: The Historical Significance of Stone Coffins
in Kofun Period
  Survey Team of the SINO Sueki Kiln Sites:
The Survey Report on the SINO Sueki Kiln Sites (3)

  February 2003  
  Edited by
The Literary Association of Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Japan