Serial Number 579      

  Kazuko Mizoguchi: Sublime as “Beginning”
The Secret Ruse in Arendt’s Three-Part Work The Life of the Mind
  Kan’ya Masui: Hai-xi Nü-zhi(海西女直)in the Late Ming Dynasty
and the Imperial Rescript System
  Yuko Nakagawa: Henry James’s Portrayal of an Individual in the Society
of Mass Consumption: Strether’s Acquisition of “Taste”
in The Ambassadors
  Miyoko Kawashima: Artist Heroine Mick Kelly as a Freak  
  Ryozo Wada: A Study on the Cultural Characteristics and
Regional Differences of American Nut Food Culture


  March 2003  
  Edited by
The Literary Association of Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Japan