Serial Number 581      

  Hitoshi Ohnishi : The Formation of National Identity and Its Aftereffects :
   Suehiro Tettchou's World Tour and His Novel, Meijiyonjunen-no-nihon
    (Japan in the 40th Year of Meiji)

  Hirokazu Murata : The Critical Practice of Osugi Sakae in Kindai Shiso  
  Yasuhiro Okajima : The Possibility of Literarry Resistance in Shigeharu Nakano's
   Fushu no Kangaekata

  Yoritaka Ikuta : Chen Jiong-ming in Fujian
  ― Consideration on Southern Fujian Adminisitration ―

  Takashi Odauchi : The Images of Heresy in the Chronicles around the Year 1000
  ― A Reassessment of the Problem of Popular Heresy ―

  Ryohei Noguchi : On Verification of Belief
  ― A Reconsideration of the Philosophy of C.S.Peirce ―

  Aisin Gioro Ulhicun : A Comparative Study of the Epitaph of Yel* Renxian and
  the Epitaph of Yel* Zhixian

  September 2003  
  Edited by
The Literary Association of Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Japan