Serial Number 582      

  Ho-Yun Lee : The Intellectual Response of the Choson Dynasty to the Crisis
    Precipitated by Contact with Japan and the West in the 19th Century

  Kan'ya Masui : The Title of Age in the Qing Dynasty Prior to 1644
   ― Primarily in the Tian-ming(天命)Period ―
  Yoshihiko Murashima : The Structure of Distance and Connection
   between PUBLIC and COMMON

  Tokumi Kodama : On the Scope and the Methodology of the Analysis
   of Meanings

  Naoki Isobe : Orientalism in the Works of Cray Textiles by William Morris
  Ryohei Noguchi : Icon, Index and Symbol
   ― An Interpretation of C. S. Peirce's Definitions ―

  Aisin Gioro Ulhicun : A Study of Jiamaga  

  January 2004  
  Edited by
The Literary Association of Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Japan