Serial Number 590


Tatsuo Kase : Shiji(史記)as a Philosophical Book―A Study about Estimations of
  Shiji and the Situations of Sequels before the Completion of Hanshu(漢書)

Masayoshi Kawauchi : The Revival of the Gion Festival during the Sengoku Period
  and an Associated Supernatural Event

Tokumi Kodama : Homo Sapiens, Language and Society

Takashi Nakamura : Two Lineages of Works about Cooking and Food from
  the Yuan to the Early Qing(1)

Yoshio Sehara : Die Entstehung der Eidgenossenschaft der Acht Orte im Schweiz

Shigeru Shimokawa : Le Rouge et le Noir entre révolution et contre-révolution


Chiyuki Oto : Preface

An-sheng Yan : About a Modern China Intellectual’s Japanese Studying
   Abroad Experience


Takuma Sato : Yasuoki Tamura “Nationalism and The Jiyuminken

July 2005
Edited by
The Literary Association of Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Japan