Serial Number 597

A Special Issue in Honour of
on the Occasion of His Retirement


Chiyuki Ohto : Objectivity and Truth in the Historical Studies

Yoshiaki Nakai : The Boeotian War: Political Process to the Peace of 375 B.C.

Takashi Odauchi : Beyond the Dichotomy. A Critical Survey of “Popular Heresy Paradigm”

Shinn Watanabe : Luthers Konzilsidee und ihre Bedeutung

Senji Sato : Die Kriminalität in den Deutschen Städte des Spätmittelalters

Masami Inoue : Jumbo, His Life and the Reasons for His Popularity

Norikazu Wakahara : The Cologne Disorder in 1848

Keiichi Nishide : Turning into Plantation Slavery in Colonial Georgia
   ― Land Granting and Slave Headrights ―

Tomotaka Kawamura : “The Manchester-London Nexus” Strikes Back?:
   London East India Merchants and the Schemes of London-Based Banks for India and the East (1836-53)

Yumiko Moriwaki : To Be a “True American”
   Nation-Making, Nativism, and Working Class Culture in Antebellum America

Takashi Miyashita : From the Native American Reform to the Hawaiian, Filipino,and Puerto Rican Reforms:
   An Analysis of the Lake Mohonk Conference for the Friends of the Indian
   and Other Dependent Peoples, 1900-10

Hiroshi Yoneyama : Internationalizing the Understanding of American History through Pre-WWII Japanese Immigrants’ Participation in the Economy of Southern California

Hidetoshi Takahashi : Landschaft und Erinnerung der “Stunde Null” in Deutschland

Nagao Nishikawa : Professor Toyoomi Nagata,
   Thank You for Your Long Term Service to Our University

February 2007
Edited by
The Literary Association of Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Japan