Serial Number 601


Huo Shifu : Seeking the Freedom of Soul

Michi Shigeta : An Interpretation of a Zen Phrase in a Zeami's Noh Treatise
  Fugyokushu and the Phrase's Philosophical Background

Suzuna Jimbo : What Shelley Found in Milton's Satan and God

Aisin Gioro Ulhicun and Jin Shi : Manchuria from the Fall of the Yuan to the Rise
  of the Manchu State (1368-1636)

Tokumi Kodama : Rethinking Dependency Relations

Kan'ya Masui : On the Sunja Amban ― the Five Ministers in Nurhaci's Manju State


Masaaki Takechi : Commentaries and Transcriptions of the
  Yoshisuke Nishikawa's Letters (3)


Von Werner Jaeger (translated by Yoshihiko Murashima) : Plato's Laws(Part-III)

August 2007
Edited by
The Literary Association of Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Japan