Serial Number 607


Yasuko Nihonmatsu : The Transmission of the Art of Falconry by the
   Shimotsukeno Family : With Leads from a Text on Falconry Held by the
   Choshi Family of Otokuni District in Yamashiro Province

Yoshihiko Murashima : Some Private Investigation into Socratic ATOPIA

Keiko Moriya, Shiro Yamazaki, Noriaki Tsuchida : Studies on the Social Conditions
   and Approaches Necessary for the Development of Self-Regulation


Walther Köhler (translated by Yoshio Sehara) : The Controversy of the Eucharist
   between Zwingli and Luther and the Conference at Marburg 1529

August 2008
Edited by
The Literary Association of Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Japan