Serial Number 608

A Special Issue
in Honour of
on the Occasion of
His RetirementI


Atsushi Ochiai:Falsification and Strained Interpretations in Divination with Oracle Bones

Yuji Takatori:Punishment and Titular Ranking during the Qin and Han Periods

Yuko Washio:Politics and Discussions about Manners and Customs during the Han
   ― With a Focus on the “Dili Zhi” of the Hanshu

Mitsuhisa Harada:On the One Hundred Amusements Depicted
   on a Lacquered Table Discovered in the Tomb of Zhu Ran

Yasunobu Matsumoto:On Aspects of the Gemen during the Tang
   ― One Aspect of Communications in the Imperial Palace during the Tang ―

Osamu Honda:Development and Migration in Coastal Ningbo during the Ming

Yasuya Inoue:Reading Jojin's Diary (3) ― Everyday Life in San Tendai Godaisan Ki

Takeshi Hiroi: The Individuality of Chinese Wine as Seen in Grape Wine

Fumiko Sugimoto:Tang Guoli and Wuben Girls'School at the Time of the 1911 Revolution
    ― As a Teacher and a Women's Liberationist―

Koshi Ohira:The Buddhist Reform Movement in Modern China and Overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia
   ― Taixu's Withdrawal from the Chinese Buddhist Association and What It Tells Us―

Kazuhiko Hosoi:Yang jie's(楊杰)Administrative Reforms of the Military Staff College

Minoru Kitamura:Research Notes:The Strange Relationship between Nationalist China
   and Nazi Germany

Yingche Huang:About theYang Ji-Zhen ― His Life and His Age

Qing Li:Women Writers Appearing in the Qi Lin Magazine

Hideya Toyama:Policies Regarding Nursing Labour in the People's Republic of China
   and the Realities of Nursing

Haiying Zhang:Discussion on the Evolution of China's County Construction Movement

Hideki Tani:A Study of “Tianzi” in the Zhou Dynasty

Takahito Yamada:The Collection and Display of Historical Geographical Information about China
   by Means of Google Earth ― In the Case of the Pre-Qin and Former Han Periods ―

Kazuya Takeda:On Yuyue in the Kitai (Liao) Dynasty

Yasuhiro Ushine:Changes in the Status of the Prince of Yunnan and the Tamgha System
   of Mongol Royalty in the Yuan Dynasty

Kan'ya Masui:On the Classification of Niru in the Early Qing

Atsushi Isobe:The Three Palace Academies in the Early Qing Dynasty before 1644
   ― With a Focus on Their Staff Members ―

December 2008
Edited by
The Literary Association of Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Japan