Serial Number 609


Hajime Shima : Zhang Shoujie's Shiji Zhengyi on the “Treatise on Music”

Noboru Tani : Kingship and Local Areas as Seen in Place-Names in Poems Composed
   for the Daijoe : with a Focus on the Daijoe of the Emperor Go-Toba

Masayoshi Kawauchi : The Temple Lands and Location of Honnoji during
   the Middle Ages : from Its Founding to the Honnoji Incident

Yoshihiko Murashima : Small Dialogue concerning Human Mania

Chieko Yoshimoto : Original Meaning of Dan gur in Khitai Scripts
   ─with a Discussion of State Name of the Dong Dan Guo─

Kan'ya Masui : On the Nimaca Tribe of Manchuria in the Ming and Early Ch'ing Periods
   ─Mainly from a Cultural Point of View─


David Askew : The Internationalization of Nanjing Atrocity Research
   ─ An Examination of Kitamura Minoru's The Politics of Nanjing :
   An Impartial Investigation

December 2008
Edited by
The Literary Association of Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Japan