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Huo Shifu : Ōe Kenzaburō's Literature and Traditional Cultural Thoughts

Fumiko Kamada : The Incident What Christian in Uragami Village Y㑺
@Were Distributed and Exiled to Twenty Feudal Clans
@@The Case of the Yamato Koriyama Clan aSR˄

Tokumi Kodama : Lexical Meaning Extensions

Yoshio Sehara : A Study on the Political and Social Grounds of the Second Battle of Kappel 1531 in Switzerland

gHow to Read The Tale of Genji : From an Interdisciplinary Perspectiveh

Imanishi Yūichirō : gNew Developments in the Study of The Tale of Genji :
@The Significance of a Database of The Tale of Genji h

Nakanishi Kenji : gA Hidden Skilled Reader of The Tale of Genji :
@The Life and Work of Kitamura Koshunh

Inoue Mitsuo : gThe International Background to The Tale of Genji :
@The Formation of the eJapanese Spiritfh

Sako Aimi and Ueshima Rieko : gThe Period When The Tale of Genji@Was Written :
@The Significance of Digital Imaging of People and Thingsh


Masaaki Takechi : Commentaries and Transcriptions of the Yoshisuke Nishikawa's Letters (5)

June 2009
Edited by
The Literary Association of Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Japan