Serial Number 615


Yusuke Hirosawa:Keju(Chinese Ancient Examination) Depicted in Short Colloquial Novels
@@ of Last Ming Period \With a Focus on gGujinxiaoshuoh(Í), gJingshitongyanh(xʌ),
@@ gXingshihengyanh(P)

Tsuneo Matsuura:The Cultural Position of gXikaoh(Yl) in the Early Republic of China

Yuichi Hashimoto:The Language and Thought of Fu Liyu in the Early Wu-Si Period Dalian:
@@Observing a Chinese Intellectual in a Modern Japanese Colonial City

Tetsuo Shimoide:Hsiao Chunfs Novel gThe Third Generationh\Beyond Love and Hate

Ichiro Kotani:The Literary and Artistic Activitics of the Overseas Chinese Students in Japan
@@in the Late 1930s\On the Literary Conterie MagazinegWen Haih

Noriko Makino: A Study on the Development of the Nationalism Literature Movement
@@ and the New-Life Movement in Kwangtung, 1936

Yoshiko Hiraishi: On Bai Langfs Early Works\Young Run-aways

Nobuyuki Noma:Consideration of Ba jinfs gCheng-du Diaryh

Hironobu Hoshina:Identity and gFakehJapanese:Lin Yu seifs eFinger PrintfE2

Eitetsu Ko:Tao Jingsun as a Border-crosser \A Discussion of gDouble Suicide at Tamsui Riverh

Qing Li:The Originality of Author Yichifs Work Seen in TongXinJie and YanNanFei

Yo Unoki: Some Questions Concerning Modernity: My Comradely Thoughts as a Japanese Scholar

Wei Guo:gFubaikah(Anemophilous Flowers) and gHaishang Huah(The Sing-song Girls of Shanghai)
@@\A Study on gFubaikah(1)

Min Chen:A Study of the Development of Hongzhang Lifs Thinking
@@\How His Confucian Education Influenced His Ideas

Fumiko Sugimoto: Chen Wangdaofs Ideas on Marriage

Gang Xia: The Vicissitudes of Mao Zedongfs Fortunes as Seen in Changes in His Discourse

Minoru Kitamura: Throwing New Lights on The Cultural Revolution in China

Chuxiong Wen:Expression of Metaphor in Chinese gShun Kou Liuh

Hengyue Zhang: The Numeral Reduplication gYi Yih

Masayuki Nakagawa :KANGO in Modern Japanese and Words in Modern Chinese

Yoshimasa Tsukuma, Ken Matsuda: The Possibilities of Language Learning Using On-Line Network:
@@from Chat-based Language Exchange to the Second Life Virtual Classroom

Keiko Kobayashi:Blake and Kenzaburo Oe

March 2010
Edited by
The Literary Association of Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Japan