Serial Number 617


Shifu Huo: A Study of the Character-Type of Yiji Kong in Oe’s Literature:
  Stating from the Short Story The Human Lamb by Kenzaburo Oe’s―

Azusa Nakajima: Il ‘mare’ visto da Cesare Pavese
  ―Analisi Delle Descrizioni Nella Poesia e Nella Prosa―

Kazuaki Horiuchi: The Battle against Kusunoki and Local Trends in Settu,
  Kawachi and Izumi (1) ―On the Genealogy of the Villains (Akuto) ―

Hideki Tani: The Transformation of People from Eastern Shaanxi into
  “Zhouese” during the Western Zhou: A Study of the Reforms of
  the Mid-Western Zhou (1)

Yoshinori Kitano: Richthofens Geomorphologie

Aisin Gioro Ulhicun : A Total Study of the Epitaph of Qutug niangzi,
  Kungur taiwei’s Wife and the Epitaph of the Late Guangling junwang
  of the Mos Diaud Kitai Hulzhi Gur in the Khitai Script

Wenna Guan: Succession Practices in Chinese and Japanese Family Business
  Organizations: A Comparative Historical Study of the Yue Family of
  Beijing Tongrentang and Mitsui


(translated by Mariko Hashimoto and Mayumi Takagi): Arthur and Gorlagon


David Askew: William Golding “The Anti-rational Mind”

June 2010
Edited by
The Literary Association of Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Japan