Serial Number 619

A Special Issue
in Honour of
on the Occasion of
His Retirement


Atsushi Ochiai:The Branch of Political Power in the Shang Period

Naoto Osawa:A Study of the Qu Yuan's (屈原) Biography in the Shiji (史記)

Naoki Usukura:Harbs and Love Songs
  ― The Character of Jiuke (九歌), Jiuzhang (九章), and Lisao (離騒). ―

Yuji Takatori:Methods for the Relay Transmission of Official Documents in the Qin and Han Periods
  ― By Postal Service, by County, and by Neighbourhood ―

Takuji Nagata:The Compilation of Runan xianxian zhuan

Yuko Washio:A Register of Tenant Farmers among the Wu Bamboo Slips from Zoumalou in Changsha

Takeshi Hiroi:The Individuality of Chinese Wine as Seen in the Qimin yaoshu
  ― A Reexamination of the Analytic Framework ―

Yasunobu Matsumoto:Deliberations in the Presence of Palace Guards (Duizhang)
  and after the Withdrawal of Palace Guards (Zhangxia) in the Early Tang
  ― Open Forum or Confidential Discussion? ―

Yasuya Inoue:Reading Ennin's Diary (2) ― The Persecution of Buddhism and Finance ―

Takashi Sue:The Restored Stone Inscription "Tang Jinyun xian chenghuang miaoji"
  ― Towards the Study of the Sociocultural History of the Preservation of Records ―

Kaeko Shimizu:Images of Song-period Women as Seen in Epitaphs
  ― Remarriage, Widow Fidelity, and Divorce ―

Makoto Hiraki:Succession Struggles in the Early Choson Period and the Pitch-Pot Rite

Mitsuhisa Ushima:The Oil Lamp Dance of the Uighurs
  ― Tracking the "Oil Dish Dance" Witnessed by the Otani Expedition ―

Fumiko Sugimoto:Student Campaigns and Female Students during the Latter Part of
  the New Culture Movement ― With a Focus on Coverage in the Minguo ribao
  and Its Supplements

Koshi Ohira:The Buddhist New Youth Society and the May Fourth New Culture Movement
  of the 1920s

Kazuhiko Hosoi:The Trial for Filling Up the Shortage of the Study on Deng Yanda
  ― The Discovery of the Handwriting Letters to His Family Members and Verification of
  Its Historigraphical Value ―

Daisuke Tajima:The Problem of the Relocation of Muslim Graves in Manchukuo
  ― With a Focus on the Era of the Founding of Manchukuo ―

Hideki Matsumoto:Zhou Enlai's Miscalculation
  ― The Truth about the Gu Shunzhang Affair ―

Minoru Kitamura:Mao ze-dong versus Liu xiao-qi, and how was Deng xiao-ping ?

Hideki Tani:Kingship in the Western Zhou and Moves among Leading Nobles in the Capital Region
  ― A Study of the Reforms of the Middle Western Zhou (2) ―

Takahito Yamada:A Study about "Qu lineage (屈氏)" in the State of "Chu (楚)" during Spring and
Autumn Period

Jian-ping Guan:Cultural Geography of Tea
  ― Focusing on Wei, Jin, and the Southern and Northern Dynasties ―

Koichi Matsuda:A Re-examination of Ögedei qan's "Distribution in the Bingshen Year" (2)
  ― Comments on Eech Fief Allotment ―

Yasuhiro Ushine:Mongol Garrisons in Sichuan under Mongol Rule

Kan'ya Masui:A Reconsideration of the Gioro Hala
  ― With Special Reference to Rules Regarding Exogamy ―

Atsushi Isobe:The Establishment of the Six Boards in the Early Qing and Its Significance
  ― An Example of Taizong's "Centralization" Policy ―

Yun-ping Guo:Continuity and Discontinuity
  ― The Figures of Irrigation in Post-War Taiwan ―

December 2010
Edited by
The Literary Association of Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Japan