Serial Number 621


Yoshihiko Murashima: About the Professor O

Katsushi Ando: Profiles of Killers
  ―Shikakenin Fujieda Baian by Ikenami Shotaro ―

Keigo Ikeda: Aborted debate: Hayashi Fusao versus Miyamoto Yuriko on the “question of affection”

Wenna Guan: A Study of Inheritance Practices in Traditional Chinese Family Firms
  ―With Comparative Discussions on Their Japanese Counterparts―

Masae Nagase: La liberté raisonnable dans Matière et mémoire

Yoshimasa Kurooka: “My Death” and “Common Death”
  ―An Essay to Think about Community―

Aisin Gioro Ulhicun: Guojiu Yilibizhang and the Yelü Jue family

Yoshio Sehara: The Developement of the International Commerce of Nuremberg in the Late Medieval Age


March 2011
Edited by
The Literary Association of Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Japan