Serial Number 622


Kawauchi Masayoshi: Watching the Gion Festival during the Muromachi Period

Hideki Matsumoto: Zhou Enlai’s Miscalculation
  ― The Truth about the Gu Shunzhang Affair (3) ―

Tokumi Kodama: Linguistic Expressions and Context

Hitomi Nakamura: A Farewell to the Redemptive Woman
  ― The Flying Dutchman Discerned in “The Canterville Ghost” ―

Azusa Nakajima: Il ‘mare’ come mondo dei morti
  ― Analisi delle descrizioni nei “Dialoghi con Leucò” ―

Tumurbaatar Narmandakh: Historical Research on the Battle of Khalkhyn Gol and Scholarly Cooperation

Tasuku Aso: An Introduction to “Geography of Exclusion”


Yasuko Nihonmatsu: Whole Sentence Republication of “Takasho-saigakunomaki-syousyutu” Attributed to Hirota Munetuna  ― Introduction to the Books of Falconry in Suwa and Omiya School

Masaaki Takechi: Commentaries and Transcriptions of the Yoshisuke Nishikawa’s Letters (6)

July 2011
Edited by
The Literary Association of Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Japan