Serial Number 624

A Special Issue
in Honour of
on the Occasion of
His Retirement


Masaaki Kidachi:Field Survey Method of Sue-Ware Kilns Site
  : For SINO Sue-Ware Kilns Site

Naoto Yoshioka:The Foreign Policy of Hoki Period and Diplomatic Function of Dazaifu
  ―Make into a Key the Statute Promulgated on May 17 of the 17th Year Houki Era

Azumi Kawahara:Emishi's Court Ceremony Participation and Meaning in the 9th Century

Takumi Komai:The Change of Properties of Jukai (Handing down the Precepts) System
  at Nanto (Todaiji Temple) and the Reason for Change in the Early Heian Period

Yuichiro Momosaki:The Form and Properties of Yorokobimoshi of Mid-Heian Period as Seen
  in the Saikyuki

Yukio Tsugei:Some Thoughts about Daikyo (Heian Period Banquets for Aristocrats)

Takashi Yamamoto:Ceremonies of Accession during the Heian Period and Ritual Implements
  : A Reflection on Bun'an Gosokui Chodonozu (The Illustrated Implements of Accession
  of the Bun'an Period)

Yukari Nonomura:The Genealogy of the Nursing Mothers (Menoto) during the Sekkan Period
  and its Historical Functions

Terumi Takahashi:The Last Article in Okagami

Seiji Katsuyama:The Birth and Decline of Kawai Manor of the Toji Temple in Ise

Wakako Matsumura:The Medieval Establishment of the Kasuga Shrine and Kofukuji Temple
  : Focusing on the Beginning of the Everyday Reading by Way of Extract (Tendoku) of the
  Complete Buddhist Scriptures and the Completion of the East-West Corridor

Yasuo Motoki:Yoriyoshi and Yorikiyo: The Turning Point of Kawachi Genji Clan

Rieko Uejima:One Aspect of the Reinforcement of Governmental Affair System in the Noble
  Society of the Heian Period —Focusing on the Rikushoji Temple bugyo

Aimi Sako:A Study on the Awarding and Raising of Rank: Awards Connected with the Empress
  and Crown Prince as Two Case Examples

Koji Inoue:Establishment of a Position"Kanmu" (官務) by the Ozuki(小槻)Family

Kei Mikawa:Culture, Diplomacy and the Insei Rule of Go-Shirakawa: A Focus on the Treasure
House of the Rengeoin

Yasushi Kawai:A Study of the Shishigatani Incident

Minoru Noguchi:Taira no Kiyomori and the Eastern Provinces Bushi:
  Focusing on the Project of Pilgrimage to the Kashima Shrine and Mt. Fuji

Yoshitomo Nagamura:The Warriors Residingin the Capital during the Jisho-Juei Internal
  Disturbance Period

Keizo Miyata:The Battle of Saikai (Seto Inland Sea) and Minamoto no Yoritomo

Kayo Maekawa:The Relationship between Minamoto no Yoshitsune and
  Kasuga-Taisha Shrine

Noboru Tani:The Kofukuji Izumi-kokushi Conflict and the Retired Emperor Go-Toba
  — About the First Imperial Visit at Kumano in the 9th year of Kenkyu Era —

Hiroshi Shiohara:The Sanzaemon Incident and the Ichijo Family

Yasuo Kobayashi:A Study on the Shugosho Jito (Kamakura Bakufu Local Governor)

Atsuko Namekawa:The Formation of the Kamakura Shougunate's Parade and the Creation
  of Zuihyo (随兵): "Warriors Who Play a Part in Guard of a Parade"

Tomohiro Saeki:Japanese Royal Family and the Priest Princes in the Medieval Period

Kei Satou:On the Echizen no Kami at the Provincial Kamakura Period

Yusuke Hatano:Diplomatic Negotiations of Khubilai Khaan and Gosaga Insei

Takayuki Kumagai:A Study of Saikyojo and Andojo Issued by the Kamakura Bakufu

Yuzuru Yamauchi:Shinano Province Painted in Ippenhijirie

Yasuko Niimi:The Transmission and Writing Process of Busshari-bujojo (Certifications of
  Distribution of Buddha's Ashes) from Toji Temple

Makoto Tanaka:About the Reorganization of the Muromachi Bakufu's Hikitsuke Kata in 3rd Year
  of Koei Era (1344)

Takuji Hanada:The Transformation of the Muromachi Bakufu's Military System during
  the KANNO and BUNNA Eras

Mahoko Kyouraku:A Comparative Study of the Manuscripts of "Yosyazuko"

Yoshikazu Kondo:The Costumes of Monks as seen in An Study on the Costumes of Monks
  (Hottai shozoku-sho)

Daisuke Hayashima:The History of the Masui Clan in the 15th -16th Century

Takashi Nishimura:Introduction of Historical Materials: Two Works of Fukami
  in Tanba-Kameyama

Kazu Nagai:The Resignation of the Minister of the Imperial Household,
  HATANO Yoshinao in 1920

Takao Sugihashi:Some Further Consideration on the Kamakura Udaishoke
  and Seiitaishogun

January 2012
Edited by
The Literary Association of Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Japan