Serial Number 628


Hirokazu Murata: On the Censorship of the Poetry Magazine "Cosmos": From
  Deletion to Omission of Ito Yawara's "The Roar of the B-29s." (Part 2)

Tokumi Kodama: After Language Has Lost Its Power

Chizue Yoshida: A Big Fire in Tonoda, Kyoto Prefecture



Hirokazu Murata: A Transcription of the Censorship Documents of "Cosmos" #7
  (from the Prange Collection) (Part 2)



Vicky Unruh (translated by Masaki Sakiyama): "Constructing an Audience,
  Concrete and Illusory:Manifestos of Performance and Performing Manifestos"
  from Latin American Vanguards


October 2012
Edited by
The Literary Association of Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Japan