Serial Number 632


Huo Shifu: Multiple Metaphors of Family in Abe Koubou's "The Red Cocoon"

Zhang Cheng: A Fundamental Study on Beast-shape Sculptures at Ancient Chinese Graves, No.2:
  With a Central Focus on Chronologies of the Type U (the Sitting Posture Type) and
  the Type V (the Lying Posture Type)

Choi Youngjoo: Tumulus Development and Appearance Process of the Keyhole-shaped Mounded Tomb
  in Yeongsan Basin of the Korean Peninsula

Takashi Nakamura: The White-Flowering Xinyi

Chieko Yoshimoto: Decipherment of New Found Materials in Khitai Small Script and Concerning Problems

Koji Okazaki: A Note on Taiwan Studies in Japan

Tokumi Kodama: Essentials of Language: Universality and Diversity

Yasushi Inoue & Masaki Sakiyama: The Conclusive Distinction between the «Field» of Warensprache and
  the World of Natural Language: A Newly Minute Interpretation on the Structure and
  Contents of the Opening Theoretical Analysis of Capitalist Commodity in Karl Marx's Das Kapital, Part I


Toru Kobayashi,Yuki Takeda,Yuko Takai, Mai Otubo, Nozomi Hutamata, Eiko Okahashi, Kaho Nakagawa,
Hiromi Hukuda: A Transcription of the "Kigin-houin Haikaihi"(from the Saionji Collection)


Gilbert Highet (translated by Yoshihiko Murashima): PAIDEIA (Part-X)
  ― The Ideals of Greek Culture


July 2013
Edited by
The Literary Association of Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Japan