Serial Number 634

A Special Issue
in Honour of
on the Occasion of
Her Retirement


Akio Nakahara: In Honour of Professor Michiyo Maruyama

Akio Nakahara: Sōseki's Rondontō Revisited

Mie Hihara: "Our" Stories Depicted by Julie Otsuka: When the Emperor Was Divine
  and The Buddha in the Attic

Satoshi Kanazawa: Aging of Quentin Compson

Manabu Asai: A Couple of Eggs in Ulysses

Mikiko Murata: A Study of Graham Greene: An Intrigue Plotted by Allegory and Realism

Yoshihisa Kawaguchi: Possibilities of Sanditon

Yuko Nakagawa: Women Seeking a Ghost in Henry James's "The Third Person"

Harumi Takemura: The Spectacle of Chivalric Amity in Gesta Grayorum

Nathaniel Preston: "Both Rooms are Waiting": Heroic Openness in James Merrill's
  The Changing Light at Sandover

Kazumi Sugita: Race and Class in Toni Morrison's "Recitatif": Between Body and "Costume"

Miyoko Kawashima: Jeannie the Artist as a Successor: The Roles of Jeannie in Tillie Olsen's
  Tell Me a Riddle

Tetsuro Takahashi: Modern Communication in The Zoo Story

Noriko Nakanishi: An Examination of the Third-person Narrative in William Faulkner's
  "Dry September"

Yasuomi Kaiho: A Functional Approach to the Construction of a Locative Subject + a Verb
  of Perception + an Object of Perception

Riyo Takemura: Leontes' Jealousy in The Winter's Tale

Keiji Minato: Dynamics of Ethnicity and Sexuality in Christos Tsiolkas's The Slap

Wataru Sato: A Reflection on Ethnic Literature: Nam Le's "Love and Honour and Pity and
  Pride and Compassion and Sacrifice"

Yukiko Hayakawa: Maternity and Creativity in Sylvia Plath's Poetry

Shoichiro Fukushima: The City's Abyss: From Poe's "The Man of the Crowd" to Melville's
  "Bartleby, the Scribner"

Yuko Ozaki: Re-Examining "Ethan Brand": Hawthorne and "the Unpardonable Sin"

Hitomi Nakamura: "Some Mad Scarlet Thing by Dvorák": Notes on Oscar Wilde's
  Engagement with Music

Kiyoshi Takashima: The Fictional World and the Real World

Yuko Nakagawa: Professor Michiyo Maruyama's Teaching, Scholarship and Red Sox


January 2014
Edited by
The Literary Association of Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Japan