Serial Number 638


Akira Fukuda: Swans, Falcons and Blacksmiths: in Search of “Asahino Sato”
  in Futarasan Engi

Naoyuki Hayashi: The Turn of Constitutionalism in Times of Emergency
  and a Peaceful Nation

Chieko Yoshimoto: Reexamination on Naming Customs of Khitai Woman:
  for the 10th Anniversary of Jin Qizong’s Death

Masahiro Katoh: Uncovering Racism in Small Nations: Toward a Comparative
  Analysis of Scotland’s Devolution and Catalonia’s Self-Determination

Yasushi Inoue & Masaki Sakiyama: The Conclusive Distinction between
  the ≪Field≫ of Warensprache and the World of Natural Language:
  A Newly Minute Interpretation on the Structure and Contents
  of the Opening Theoretical Analysis of Capitalist Commodity
  in Karl Marx’s Das Kapital, Part IV


Minoru Kitamura: Ryuichi Kashihara, Intelligence War in the Weimar Republic:
  Analysis on German Revolution and German Diplomacy through French
  Intelligence Materials


Gilbert Highet (translated by Yoshihiko Murashima): PAIDEIA (Part-Z)
  ―The Ideals of Greek Culture


July 2014
Edited by
The Literary Association of Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Japan