The Ritsumeikan Bungaku

Serial Number 652

A Special Issue
in Honour of
on the Occasion of
His Retirement

Shigemi Nakagawa: Literature and Affect: Proletarian Literature as Discovery
Hirokazu Murata: Collectors in the Darkness: On Tactility in Edogawa Rampo’s Texts
Keita Toriki: Caught up in between Assimilation and Dissimilation:
The Formation of the Colonial Subject in Sata Ineko’s Kamino-nageki
Keigo Ikeda: On Charity and Belief:
A Study of Miyamoto Yuriko’s Mazushiki hitobito no mure
Tomofumi Yoshimi: Slice of Life and Narrative: A Story of Growth in K-ON!
Takashi Wada: The Intersection of Japanese and German Proletarian Literature:
Focusing on the Magazine Die Links-kurve
Shun Izutani: An Empire to Self-Destruct, a Body to the World:
On Matsuura Rieko’s Himantai KyōhuShō
Yuki Takeda: Structure of Risshin-Hizakurige(The Travel for Success):
Travel and Love as the Themes of a Novel
Jiechun Zhuang: What is the Significance of Transvestitism in Torikaebaya-monogatari?
Lixia Deng: Ushijima Haruko’s Repatriate Literature
Chie Iwamoto: The Self-other Boundary Desires: Kobo Abe’s Hungry Skin Essay
Yusuke Kuriyama: Medoruma Shun’s Hope Essay: The Sacrifice of Mobilized Girls
Masahiko Nishi: The Beginning of Indigenous Literature: An Evaluation of Koshamain-ki
Christopher Bolton: Offstage Apocalypse: Abe Kōbō and The Ark Sakura
Peichen Wu: Masugi Shizue’s Kasho-monogatari Triology and its Representation of Taiwan
Brian Bergstrom: Guerrilla as a Structure of Feeling:
Masculinity, Terrorism, and Japaneseness in the 1990s
Gérald Peloux: Edogawa Ranpo’s The Demon of The Lonely Isle:
The Oscillations of the Discourses about Homosexuality
Reiko Abe Auestad: Kirino Natsuo’s Grotesque:
Letters, Memoirs and Diaries as Textual Devices
Cécile Sakai: About Professor Nakagawa’s Explorations and Dreams
Stephen Dodd: In Celebration of Professor Nakagawa upon His Retirement
J. Keith Vincent: The Letters S, H, and I, in Ranpo’s Monogram for Shigemi
Brett de Bary: Reflections on Translation Studies
and North American Japanese Studies, in Honor of Nakagawa Shigemi
Livia Monnet: A Few Thoughts Occasioned
by Shigemi Nakagawa’s Retirement from Ritsumeikan University