The Ritsumeikan Bungaku

Serial Number 654

Sachiko Kawasaki:A Bibliographical Introduction to Anthology of Traditional Japanese Poetry Composed at a Poetry Banquet Sponsored by Retired Emperor Gosai
Shinpei Iwata:Yoritomo’s Inauguration as Seii taishogun According to The Tale ofthe Heike and Azuma kagami: Articles of July 26th and 29th, Kenkyu 3 in Azuma kagami
Yoshinobu Hikosaka:On Chang from 一段活用 to ラ行五段活用 in the Eastern Japan
Chieko Yoshimoto:New Fruits of Study on Liao History and Khitai Language andScript(Part 2)
Yoritaka Ikuta:The Ohara Family of Kurashiki in the Postwar Era(Part Two)
Koji Okazaki:An Analysis of Both Review Articles and Book Reviews in Monumenta Nipponica, 2001-2015: An Assessment of Japanese Studies in Taiwan(2)
Yoichiro Hieda:Betrachtungen über die Niederländische Prototypographie
Asako Nagasawa:Benjamin und Sprache. Vier Kleine Essays. Der 1. Essay: Die Sprachmagie. Das Ist Keine Magie. - Vier Indizes der Grundbegriffe
Yusuke Uno:Life of Toru Kasagi and Parody Songs: Toru Kasagi’s Research for Parody Songs, vol.5
Rie Kido Askew:Terry Eagleton, Culture, New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2016, pp. viii-ix, 1- 177.