The Ritsumeikan Bungaku

Serial Number 657

Kei Sudo, Midori Ogita & Ayane Ikeda:
Was the Existing Yoru no Nezame Composed of Two Volumes?
―A Bibliography of the Shimabara-bon Yoru no Nezame(Five Volumes)―
Mitsuaki Sassa: Na Cheol’s Visits to Japan in the Late Period of the Korean Empire:
His Interaction with Korean Reformist Politicians Who Took Refuge in Japan
and People of Genyosha
Toshihiko Ise: A Humean Reconstruction of the Experienced World(III)
Hibiki Ono: A Study of Shi Le’s Eighteen Followers:
Towards a Basic Understanding of the Later Zhao Government
Yu Terazawa: The Organization and Expansion of Geigiya Doumeikai in Prewar Japan
―From Sangyo-jiho and Kagai-shinbun
Takashi Odauchi: Giorgio Agamben, Altissima Povertà. Regole monastiche e forma di vita.
Translated by T. Uemura and A. Ota
Gilbert Highet(translated by Yoshihiko Murashima): PAIDEIA(XIII) ― The Ideals of Greek Culture ― The Drama of Aeschylus ―