The Ritsumeikan Bungaku

Serial Number 658

Yasuko Nihonmatsu: About the Appearance of the False Hunting School of the Latter Half of the Muromachi Period in the Edo Period
―As a Clue to the Hawk Hunting of the Netsu Clan Belonging to the Kaga Clan―
Takaya Matsumoto: The Nankō(Great Kusunoki Masashige): Images of Tactical Genius in Military Writings during the Early Showa Era
Yoichiro Hieda: The Cambridge Fragments und Gheraert Leeu
Yasushi Inoue & Masaki Sakiyama: A Consideration of Direct Comparison between the Gleichung in the Opening Part of the Beginning Theory of Commodity
and the Gleichung in the Theory of Value-Form in Karl Marx’s Das Kapital, Band I
Yusuke Uno: Children’s Cosmology and Parody Songs sung by Wartime Children: Toru Kasagi’s Research for Parody Songs, vol.6
Gilbert Highet(translated by Yoshihiko Murashima): PAIDEIA(XIV) ― The Ideals of Greek Culture ― Xenophon: The Ideal Squire and Soldier ―