The Ritsumeikan Bungaku

Serial Number 660

A Special Issue
in Honour of
on the Occasion of
His Retirement

Kei Mikawa: Regency Government and Jin-no-sadame
Makoto Higashijima: Introduction to the Fundamental Concepts for the Theory on
Medieval Shogunate
Ayumu Yasuda: Jigi(時宜)and jigi(時議)in the Northern and Southern Courts Period
Susumu Sugie: Kosatu(Official Bulletin Boards)in the Early Modern Period:
The Case of Otsu Hyakuso-sen
Hoyun Lee: Eighteenth-century Korean Intellectuals’ Perception of the Qing Dynasty:
Focusing on Kim Chang-Eob’s Ideas
Ryosuke Matsui: The Maruyamagawa-Ichikawa Takasetsusen Chikamawashi
Transportation Plan
Xiaoxing Yin: Reception of Shinseiyu(清聖諭, the Qing Dynasty Sacred Edict)in the Kansei
(寛政) Era: The Compilation and Interpretation of the Japanese Version of the Seiyukokun (『聖諭広訓』) and Reception of Shinseiyu by Kaitokudo Intellectuals
Satoru Kishimoto: Who Owns the Shrine Bell?: Aspects of the Separation of Buddhism
and Shintoism in the Inaba Region in the Early Modern Period
Isao Santo: Kokugaku Linguistic Theory and Kokugogaku in the Closing Days
of the Tokugawa Shogunate
Eiju Fukushima: Shinshu Sect Evangelization in Ryuku in the First Year of Meiji:
The Shinshu Persecution Affair and the Annexation of Ryuku
Kun Xiao: The Development of the Inshitsuroku in the Modern Period:
Focusing on the Meiji Era
Mitsuaki Sassa: The Dream Experiences of Ji Un-Young, a Painter in the Literary Artist’s
Style Living in Colonial Korea: Focusing on the Paekryeonjii
Taehoon Kim: Religious Discussions in the Governor-General of Korea’s
Shinden Kaihatsu Policy Movement
Jum Suk Je: Pro-Japanese and Anti-Japanese Discourses in Modern Korean Buddhism
―Diversity of the Meanings of Pro-Japanese in Korean Buddhism―
Teiji Kenjo: The New Magazine Shinkensetsusha Hotokuseinen and Hiroshi Kusaba’s Ideas
after Japan’s Defeat
Tomoko Nagatomo: The Genealogy of the Kiln in the East Asia
Takumi Watanabe: The Structure and Characteristic of Professional Development in
H. Lynn Erickson’s Works: Meaning of Practical Support for Social Studies Teachers