The Ritsumeikan Bungaku

Serial Number 661

A Special Issue
in Honour of
on the Occasion of
His Retirement

Michinori Shinohara: Construction of Morality in Honor and Representation of Warrior
on Tombstones in the Athenian Society from the Middle of the Fifth-Century BC onwards
James Tatsukawa: A Study of the Childeberti Regis Praeceptum:
Merovingian kings and the Church in the Early Sixth Century
Isao Kobayashi: The Quaestor Justinianus Exercitus and the Byzantine Fleet
Yoshihisa Hattori: Beloved Wife and Co-Regnant of the Empire
―Emperor and Empress in Medieval Germany―
Takako Morinaga: Tea in Imperial Russian and Social Movements
Hidetoshi Takahashi: Antisemitismus in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
und ihre Vergangenheitsbewältigung
Masahiro Katoh: Constructing Scottish Identity by Rappin’ in an American Accent:
Reading Straight Outta Scotland as an Experience of a White Immigrant in Scotland