The Ritsumeikan Bungaku

Serial Number 663

Ayane Ikeda:The Characterization of Nezame no Ue, who is aeka, in Yoru no Nezame: The Relationship of nabiku (yielding) with Yūgao, Ukifune, and Onna Sannomiya
Kazuho Mizuguchi:A Comparative Analysis of Good and Bad Children in the Brothers Grimm’s Fairy Tales
Makoto Tanaka:The Office of Bugyô-nin under the Muromachi Shogunate (3) ―Bunwa 2 (1353) to Joji 6 (1367) ―A Study of Clans (the Jibu Family)
Yoritaka Ikuta:Center and Region in Modern China: A Study of China under a Protectionist System, with a Focus on the Chang Jiang River Basin
Yasushi Inoue & Masaki Sakiyama:What is Value?: On the Reason Why the Sociality of Commodities Appears as Value
Yoichiro Hieda:Betrachtungen über die Selbständigkeit des Volksbuchs Reynaert de Vos
Naomi Miyamoto: Singing Together and Collective Feeling: Through Rethinking A. Schutz’s Music Sociology
Koji Inoue:Record of Shin-nyo-do―Diary of Genroku 3rd (AD1690)―
The Workshop on the Ming Cord, Mitsuyuki Inoue, Takayuki Inomata: Translation and Annotation of Compilation of Topically Arranged Legal Code of the Imperial Ming Dynasty(皇明條法事類纂 Huangming Tiaofa Shileizuan), volume 48, Section regarding the Ministry of Justice(刑部類 Xingbu Lei), Condemnation Must Conform to the Code and the Commandment, (斷罪引律令 Duanzui Yin Lüling), Part 2
Shimpei Iwata:Masaaki Takahashi:Bushi in the Japanese History Bushi no Nihonshi
Gilbert Highet(translated by Yoshihiko Murashima):PAIDEIA(XVII) ―Sophocles and the Tragic Character―
Gilbert Highet(translated by Yoshihiko Murashima):PAIDEIA(XVIII) ―The Sophists―