The Ritsumeikan Bungaku

Serial Number 673

Tianjiao Wu:Study of Frugality in Passage 184 of Tsurezuregusa
Ryu Shimada:The Youth of a Poet: Sei Ito’s Seishun (Youth) and
Chika Sagawa’s Konchu (Insects) and Shi no Hige (Beard of Death)
Hiroko Noda:The Two Roles of the Early Tairo Ii Naotaka:
A Comparison with Matsudaira Tadaakira
Wenying Gu:Yamada Houkoku’s Views on Morality of Monarch and Buiku Policies
Junki Toyoshima:Piracy in the Middle of Ming as Seen
in Two Records of Legal Proceedings in Courts
Mitsuaki Sassa:Missionary Activities of Oomoto-kyo in the Manchurian Incident:
Focusing on the Alliance with the Daoyuan-Red Swastika Society
Zheng Huang:Jiao Hong and Genealogy in the Intellectual History
of Ming and Qing Dynasties
Yoritaka Ikuta:The Theory of the State in the Taisho and Showa Era:
A Study of the Monarchy (Tenno-sei) from a Social Perspective
Sonoko Yoshimura:Thoughts on the Education of the Citizens in Shanghai
between July 1946 and March 1947:
A Case Study on Reader’s Column of Ta-Kung-Pao
Takashi Odauchi:Writing the History of Heresy:
A Critical Survey of R. I. Moore’s Achievements
Yasushi Inoue and Masaki Sakiyama:The Conceptual Basis of Interest Bringing
Capital – Fictitious Capital: The Double Phases of Loanable Monied Capital
Tasuku Aso:Early Japanese Christians in Kyoto:
From the Late Middle Ages to Early Modern Period
Takahiro Ueda:IN URBE SOLITUDO: Two or Three Things I Found
by Rereading Yoshida Ken-ichi’s Kanazawa in Kanazawa
Yukiko Ikeda:„Die bösen Mütter” von Giovanni Segantini:
Gedicht von „Nirwana” als die Herkunft seiner Inspiration
Gilbert Highet(translated by Yoshihiko Murashima):PAIDEIA(19)
―Thucydides: Political Philosopher