The Ritsumeikan Bungaku

Serial Number 675

Yohei Ando:The Paradox of School Education: Shukudai by Shotaro Yasuoka
Mitsuaki Sassa:Oomoto’s Kōdō (Imperial Way) Proclamation Movement
and Establishment of the Korean Headquarters of the Jinrui Aizenkai:
Focusing on the Alliance between Onisaburo Deguchi and Ryohei Uchida
Hideki Tani:A Study of the Family Formation Process
in the Western Zhou Period
Yoritaka Ikuta:Civil Society-Based Global Unification in East Asia:
International Relations Viewed from a Civil Society Perspective
Wei Chen (translated by Tomoaki Yasunaga):The Legal Code System as Seen
in the Qin and Han Bamboo Slips