The Ritsumeikan Bungaku

Serial Number 679

Tomoaki Imamura : Record Organization and Ancestral Records Formation
Around the Sekkan-ke
Ryoko Okazaki : Kim Si-Jong’s The Map of Back (2018) and the 3.11 Earthquake
―Through the Lens of Jeju 4.3 and the Repatriation Project to North Korea―
Ruqian Chen : Message of the Dead by Internal Dialogue
―on Kenzaburo Oe’s Shisya no Ogori
Taiga Ishikawa : Reclassification of the Wu Group Oracle Bone Inscriptions
Kan’ya Masui : The Relationship between Nurhaci and Ming Dynasty Seen
from the Viewpoint of Tribute System : 1588-1615
Tianqi Li : 1930 Yu Dafu
―About Expulsion from the League of Left-Wing Writers
Tianyi Du : All-the-Way Construction in English, Japanese and Chinese
Naoto Sudo : A Resentment in Mori Ogai’s Maihime (The Dancing Girl)
Kosuke Iijima : Petrarca Poeta Laureato tra Fede e Mondanità
Masahiro Kato & Naomi Kawasumi & Kazuma Maeda :
A Brief Sketch of the Construction of Belt Line in Koza City, Okinawa :
Focus on the Urban Planning by the Successive Head of Local Autonomy
The Workshop on the Ming Code, Inoue Mitsuyuki, Suman QI, Jyunki Toyoshima :
Translation and Annotation of Compilation of Topically Arranged Legal Code of the Imperial Ming Dynasty (皇明條法事類纂 Huangming Tiaofa Shileizuan), volume 46, Section regarding the Ministry of Justice (刑部類 Xingbu Lei), Unjust verdict of the court (官司出入人罪 Guansi Churu Renzui) , part 1
The Workshop on the Ming Code, Takayuki Inomata :
Translation and Annotation of Hwang Chang-Chien
A Study of the Pi fu lü t’iao Attached to the Publication of the Ming Code
Kazuki Tanaka : Review of Research on the Wei, Jin, and Southern Dynasties
Aristocratic System, part 1