The Ritsumeikan Bungaku

Serial Number 681

A Special Issue
in Honour of
on the Occasion of
His Retirement

Nobukazu Tanaka : On the Changes in Nubian Culture under Egyptian Rule
Michinori Shinohara : Refugees in Fourth-Century Athens:
What the Inscriptions Related to Foreigners Reveal
Isao Kobayashi : Debate around the Plague of Justinian: Maximalist Versus Revisionist?
Tamon Baba : Alcoholic and Fermented Beverages in Medieval Yemen
Ichiro Ozawa : Khair Muhammad: Trade Activities of Afghans settled in Iranian Makran
Hiroaki Murakami : Mass Education Movement against Venereal Diseases in Wilhelmine
Germany:Exhibitions and the German Society for Combatting Venereal Disease (DGBG)
Toshihiko Nogami : German National Identity after 1945
Central Position – Overcoming the Past – Constitutional Patriotism
Nao Tanaka : Understanding and Reception of Anne Frank in East Germany:Study on the
Social Function of The Diary of Anne Frank through Comparison with West Germany
Marina Nishii : Does the Reconstruction of Hiroshima Bring Hope?
Narratives of Reconstruction History and the International Contribution of Japan
from the 1980s to the 2000s
Kenichi Bansho : Nostalgia and Greating Home in East Hokkaido:
Study on the Local Magazine Kitano Furusato (Northern Home)
Maoko Nakamoto : SAKURA and Nation